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COUPLES often talk about communication like it is a third wheel on their two seater bicycle. And in a way marriage is like a two seater bicycle there will be times it needs a bit more support. One indicator is when listening and talking become a chore and communication is not working. A third way to support the marriage cycle may be to make it more steady like a tricycle. One could see how a tricycle for a couple carrying the weight of grief or unexpected financial stress may help them feel less of the bumps and turns of the cycle of emotional upheavel. Adding more support can take the focus off of what is making the couple feel so unbalanced and help them set their sights on what is up ahead or better yet each other. Truth is, no matter how fast they peddle or who is in the front, two wheel in this bicycle marriage metaphor aren't always enough. What is keeping the two wheels going around and around in your marriage cycle? What have you used to peddle through the rain and wind of love?

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