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Individual Psychotherapy: 60 minutes.

We confidentially consider what has led up to this moment for you. You provide your account of all that brought you here. We explore and review the surrounding circumstances and determine what if anything,can be altered immediately, to offer relief. 

Couples Psychotherapy: 90 minutes:

Through talking we determine what is specifically impacting current day to day marital life and creating strife between both of you. We discuss aspects of the relationship that are affected by physical health, cultural frameworks and the communication patterns of  relationship.


Family Therapy: 90 minutes:

Each family member offers their understanding of what is occurring in and with the entire family. We determine what is needed to re balance  and support the family. 


Group Therapy: 60 minutes.

Each group works together on a specific area of personal or professional development they have in common.  Each person in the group focuses on what is important in their current life goals. Assessments and exercises are utilized as indicated to support development. 


Among our latest product is our book

"Silent Agreements:

How to Free Your Relationships of Unspoken

Expectations - a step by step guide to how

your expectations of your relationships

impact your judgement .

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Purchase a Mental Health in a Box

Our newest product is an approach to keeping you healthy and actively engaged in what your mind, body and spirit need to thrive at home.

We believe consistent attention to the body, mind and psyche is essential. So we created mental health in a box. What is it?

A Typical Box arrives Monthly: It includes evidence-based products to stimulate and inspire you, and protocols to make you feel uplifted.  Boxes are arranged with beautiful journals, affirmations written with your challenges and blind spots in mind, updates to improve your sleep and offer ever evolving dietary support with life stage friendly recipes,  and "growth over fear" book referrals, local "Silent Agreement and DrBanksatPlay workshops, motivating poems, and neurological practices for brain and body alignment. WOW. That is what we all need. Simple Practices Reminders that Keep us smiling. 

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