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It starts with an amazing list and then one item after the other ends up in the PENDING file when you really need a bit more of the DONE cross off the list action occurring. So how do we look at PENDING. Unraveling that concept a bit gets to the idea that if it is not off the list, we have to continue to follow up and thereby turn it into a LATER ON, OR NEXT DAY action when it was to be a MONDAY event. AS WE let go of the constriction of the list and let it be a blueprint, a frame and the action taken, not outcome, be enough we reduce the attribution from NOT DONE to ACTION TAKEN. PERHAPS WE NEED MORE CATEGORIES IN THIS BUSY WORLD WE LIVE IN.

Try Reinventing the self attribution or way we project a judgement on ourselves by attempting calculate how much we have accomplished. Lets agree to arrive at a congratulatory NOT FINISHED YET - STILL IN THE CUE - NO FINAL ANSWER YET OR PENDING like we think of timeline in our life or on Facebook. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE TODAY.

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