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Individual Psychotherapy: 60 minutes.

We confidentially consider what has led up to this moment for you. You provide the content. We explore and review the  circumstances and determine what can be altered immediately, to offer relief. 

Couples Psychotherapy: 90 minutes:

Through talking we determine what is specifically impacting current day to day marital life between both of you. We discuss aspects of the relationship that are affected by physical health, cultural frameworks and the communication patterns of  relationship.


Family Therapy: 90 minutes:

Each family member offers their understanding of what is occurring with in the entire family. We determine what is needed to re balance  and support the family. 


Group Therapy: 60 minutes.

Each support group works together on a specific area of personal or professional development they have in common.  Each person in the group focuses on what is important in their current life goals. Assessments and exercises to support development. 

Dr. Banks does not presently participate with insurance plans. A monthly invoice can be provided to you to submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement. We recommend that you call your insurance company to ask about your out-of-network benefits before meeting with Dr. Banks. Payment is collected after every visit. We accept checks, cash, major credit cards, or Paypal.

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