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"I never stop marveling at the human spirit" Rosalind Russell 


About Dr Sonia R Banks:​

As a practicing licensed clinical psychologist for over 20 years, I know the kind of treatment approaches to address symptoms and problems specific to youth and adults. My mental health care protocols focus on those at risk of reduced or compromised mental health due to untreated trauma, on going  and chronic stress, extended grief, family dysfunction, marital discord, health related depression, and expected work and life style change.  


In my psychotherapy and support groups,  I help you to consider the interventions that initiate and support a more comprehensive and sustainable adjustment to NEW lifestyle habits that reduces symptoms of chronic and acute depression, anxiety, and increases resiliency to the negative effects of living unhappy.



How does psychotherapy work?

Psychotherapy is the application of the science of psychology and the art of listening expertly applied to help you become more acquainted with ways through complex predicaments, unique problems and emotional pain that comes with livingIt can be difficult to sort through life's choices especially when overwhelmed with dilemmas or unsure of what is actually happening. Through our weekly or bi monthly sessions, in a confidential setting, you not only share and understand feelings, thoughts, and behaviors better but explore the impact and influence of whatever is challenging your beliefs, expectations and current life assumptions. Ultimately your create a new perspective from which to build another way to see the same old problem and manage it from a different source of understanding, power, and emotional stamina for greater happiness.   



How long does psychotherapy take before I feel better?

The length of treatment depends on the regularity of visits and what we are trying to impact. Often psychotherapy takes time to get to the heart of the real matter, so it occurs in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. to support psychological safety in discussing the feelings and thoughts that made you decide to start treatment in the first place. I help individuals, families, groups and couples express the past, understand current assumptions  and future concerns as divorced co-parents, or people working through life transitions, prolonged grief or depression.  Sometimes we use assessments to determine areas for concentrated help and focus. It can take as few as 6-8 sessions or closer to 20 or more to move forward.



What should I expect?

Each session  is different. By talking through your feelings and thoughts you make your way to the options particular to your pathway. From your personal history to more recent events, we agree on the best comprehensive treatment and supportive lifestyle strategies to care for you and your family, children, spouse or partner.  Gaining awareness is significant to creating the energy and commitment necessary for the life you want.  Therapy offers freedom to do the work needed to be in a more satisfying relationship with yourself and others.

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